Overview: 1803 Draped Bust Dollars


Production of Draped Bust dollars dated 1803 continued the trend of reduced mintages, and ultimately used 6 known different obverse dies and only 3 known different reverse dies.  These combined to create 6 different individual die varieties.  The Redbook categorizes these based on the appearance of the numeral “3” in the date - being either a “Small 3” lacking an upper serif and displaying a smaller lower loop, or a “Large 3” featuring a prominent upper serif and a distinctly larger lower loop.  Approximately 1,500 specimens remain of all of the Small 3 dollar varieties combined; 1,600 specimens remain of the single Large 3 dollar variety.  Beyond these Redbook categorizations, collectors also recognize “wide date” and “close date” varieties of the 1803 Small 3 dollar.

Small 3 Wide Date

Small 3 Close Date

Large 3

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