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1799 Draped Bust Dollar

Irregular Date, 13 Stars Reverse
Reverse of 1798


Variety BB-152, B-15 - PCGS MS64

  Obverse: Variety BB-152, B-15 - PCGS MS64

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Reverse: Variety BB-152, B-15 - PCGS MS64

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Among the many die varieties of dollars coined during 1799 is found a truly important transitional variety.  Though bearing the 1799 date, both the obverse and reverse dies were actually prepared during 1798.  In this case, however, the obverse die had not been finished in the date area - and was missing the final date digit.  When placed into service in 1799, the die was finished by punching in the needed final “9”; however, it was punched too low and slanted too far to the right, creating the what has been labeled the “irregular date.”  This peculiar obverse was mated with a reverse die actually used for coining dollars dated in 1798, and displaying the distinctive “line star” arrangement to the stars above the eagle’s head on the reverse.  Referred to as the 1799 “Reverse of 1798” variety, this scarce die variety (BB-152) represents the sole instance in which a 1799 dollar displays the line star reverse design.

Graded by PCGS as MS64, the Cardinal Collection is the single finest known of the variety.  Pedigreed to the Hain Family Collection, this magnificent gem displays an extraordinary strike from the re-used and decidedly worn reverse die.  Toned in shades of iridescent gold, apricot and pinkish-olive, the surfaces are alive with vibrant cartwheel luster.


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