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1800 Draped Bust Dollar

Wide Date, Low 8


Variety BB-190, B-10 - PCGS MS64

  Obverse: Variety BB-190, B-10 - PCGS MS64

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Reverse: Variety BB-190, B-10 - PCGS MS64

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Similar to 1799, the production of Draped Bust dollars dated 1800 was quite substantial, though somewhat less than the total mintages of 1798 or 1799.  A large number of dies were needed, and the mintage ultimately used 12 different obverse dies and 11 different reverse dies, creating 16 different individual die varieties and multiple Redbook types.

Beyond those types listed in the Redbook and recognized by the Registry, the dollars of 1800 exhibit a number of distinctive features worthy of collecting.  Accordingly, the Cardinal Collection has sought to include those as well.

At MS64, the pictured coin is the finest known specimen of the BB-190 Wide Date/Low 8 variety, and among the finest known of ALL 1800 dollars.  With its provenance traced to the Amon Carter Collection, this coin displays all of those features that Carter coins are known for: wonderfully smooth, defect-free surfaces, a superbly sharp strike, incredible album toning with shades of blue and gold at the rims, and powerful, blazing cartwheel luster.


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