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1795 Flowing Hair Dollar

Two Leaves, Head of '95


Variety BB-20, B-2 - NGC MS65

  Obverse: Variety BB-20, B-2 - NGC MS65

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Reverse: Variety BB-20, B-2 - NGC MS65

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The poor quality of 1794 dollars led to a suspension of production of silver dollars which lasted into 1795.  Finally, with new equipment in place, the Mint resumed production, minting dollars with a flowing hair design similar to that of 1794.

The first varieties of the new dollars displayed a wreath on the reverse with small, delicate leaves -- like those on the 1794 dollar.  Also, alike the 1794 dollar, the wreath features a pair of two leaves on the inside of the lower portion, beneath each of the eagle's wings.  This sub-type of the Flowing Hair dollar type has been labeled the "Two Leaves" variety in recognition of this feature.  A total of 13 different die varieties were produced using the "Two Leaves" design, yet as a group, this sub-type is noticeably scarcer than the later "Three Leaves" varieties.

The specimen pictured is the amazing Heifetz NGC-MS65 BB-20 specimen.  Superbly sharply struck, the coin features complete denticulation, obverse stars all with full radial lines and raised to full sharp points, fully detailed hair to Miss Liberty, and a full rounded breast to the eagle.  Cartwheel luster sparkles beneath pinkish-golden amber toning, with touches of rich blue at the rims.  One of the very finest of all flowing hair dollars, the services have never seen a finer 1795 dollar of the Two Leaves type.


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