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1795 Flowing Hair Dollar

Three Leaves, Head of '94


Variety BB-18, B-7 - PCGS MS64

  Obverse: Variety BB-18, B-7 - PCGS MS64

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Reverse: Variety BB-18, B-7 - PCGS MS64

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Following production of the "Two Leaves" Flowing Hair dollars, Mint engravers modified the reverse design.  Those varieties which followed displayed a wreath on the reverse with larger, heavier, leaves, and with a cluster of three leaves on the inside of the lower portion, beneath each of the eagle's wings.  This sub-type of the Flowing Hair dollar type has been labeled the "Three Leaves" variety in recognition of this feature.  A total of 6 different die varieties were produced using the "Three Leaves" design, yet as a group, this sub-type is noticeably more available than the earlier "Two Leaves" varieties.

The specimen pictured is the incredible cameo MS-64 Eliasberg specimen of the BB-18 variety.  Quite well struck overall, the coin features complete denticulation and obverse stars with full radial lines and raised to full sharp points.  Miss Liberty's portait appears in bold relief, as does the eagle; however, a touch of central weakness can be seen (though far superior to that typically seen of the variety).  Essential untoned, the surfaces burst with brilliant cartwheel luster.  At MS-64, this specimen ranks as the second finest of the variety (exceeded only by the monumental Hayes' coin, graded by NGC as Specimen-66).


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